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As a woman, being able to change your hairstyle on a regular basis gives you a chance to explore different looks that enhance your beauty. Some of the hairstyles can be done using your natural hair while others need hair additions to achieve the desired look.


There are different types of hair additions that you can choose from and your choice will depend on your personal preferences. Among these additions used in hair, one of the most popular is hair extensions. These extensions are available in many beauty stores and can be purchased in different colors and lengths depending on the type of hairstyle you want.

Buy only high-quality hair extension

Although hair extensions are quite popular, it is important to buy those of high quality so that the look realistic and blend in well with your hair. In most cases, you will find both synthetic and human hair extensions being sold in beauty stores, with the latter being the most expensive but preferred by those seeking to have their hair look as natural possible.

Nevertheless, hair extensions that are synthetic are also good to use but will need regular re-styling to maintain its shine and style.  Even so, both types of hair extensions can result in very appealing hair styles. when properly placed into the hair.

Hair extensions can be fixed ether at the salon or at home depending on the type that you are using in your hair. Nevertheless, there are some rules that must be followed to ensure that the hair extensions enhances your hair after being put in and they include:

Hair color and extensions should closely match

Whenever you need to get hair extensions to put in your hair, it is advisable to go buy them on your own to ensure that they are the right color. The color chosen should closely match your own hair so that it is hard to differentiate between the two after the extensions have been put in. If you are unsure about the best color for you, ask the sales person at the beauty shop to advise you.

Prior preparation of hair extensions

Although most extensions are packed well for easier use, it is still important to prepare them before adding them into the hair. In case, they are too long, it is advisable to cut them to your desired length before styling them. Human hair extensions can be styled using hot rollers or curling irons, while synthetic ones can be styled using ordinary rollers to give them a curly look.

Proper placing of hair extensions

If the placing of hair extensions is not done well, the final result will be unnatural looking hair that will negatively affect your whole look. Therefore, it is important to have them placed well so that they are as close as possible to your scalp. Most salon professionals are able to place the extensions well to ensure that the final look is natural. Even with the best hair extensions, ensure that they blend in well with your natural hair both in color and placing in hair.

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