How To Make Your Own Macaron Packaging

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The custom macaron box is so elegantly simple that anyone could be delighted by it; making them all by you at home is quite convenient and easy.

Who does not love the macarons? They come in a unique packaging that is associated with their name, that is, macaron boxes. You might want to make your very own custom macaron box, following a few easy steps; you can make it for yourself at home let us see how.

Choose The Template


Making your very own custom macaron box starts with choosing the right template. You can start by deciding the number of macarons you want to place inside your box. The other parameter would be deciding whether you want to make a linear custom macaron packaging or a square box.

It all depends upon the choice you make about them. If you are designing a macaron box for a lot of baked delicacies, it is recommended that you opt for the square type since the linear box would start to look very absurd soon after you exceed 6 in number. It is better to opt for multiple rows for large numbers.

The normally available packaging for a dozen macarons in the market is usually in the grid of 4x3 divided sections. But that is just the stereotype, and you have every right to customize them as per your preferences. As soon as you have decided these two parameters, start surfing through various available templates you has for them.

Select Material

Select Material.jpg

Macarons usually come in two types of packaging materials, one is the good old cardboard, and the other is Kraft paper. On several occasions, they have also been spotted in clear plastic custom macaron packaging. But let us act as a responsible citizen towards our already deteriorated habitat and drop the plastic option.

The other two materials are fairly feasible and do not contribute to the further deterioration of our environment, so let us just stick to them. Another good thing about the cardboard or kraft paper is that they can be conveniently handled with most of the things you have at your home already.

Another thing would be the difficulty in printing the template on the plastic, which would otherwise be a lot easier on the paper-based materials. The ideal option in your DIY adventure of making your own custom macaron box would be cardboard, but the choice is still yours if you want them in plastic you are welcome to do so.

Print/Draw It On Cardboard

Draw It On Cardboard.jpg

The next phase in making your DIY custom macaron box would be printing the template on the cardboard or plastic sheet. No matter what material you opt for, they shall always be thicker and might not be able to print through the normal printer.

Since it not feasible to bother the guys with commercial printers to print one or a few custom macaron packaging templates on a sheet of the material of your choice; therefore, we have to improvise on this one. Take a large A3 sized plain printing paper and approach the nearest book store or stationery store. They would have the printer to print A3 sheets.

Get your template printed on the large paper separately. Later, when you get back home, cleanly cut the pattern out with a pair of scissors and paste it on the cardboard sheet. After this, you will need to cut off the template from the cardboard sheet, which, too, can be done with the same pair of scissors.

Fold As Specified

Fold As Specified.jpg

Now that you have cut the pattern out of the cardboard sheet. You are very likely to find a video tutorial on the website from where you downloaded the template for your custom macaron box. Go back to that and carefully observe all the moves they make while folding the pattern. You will need a knife to make the folding edges on the cardboard.

If you were using plastic, you would need a heat gun to fold it, which would be another unwanted addition to the required logistics. Therefore, better opt for paper-based materials. The custom macaron packaging can be easily made at the convenience of your home if only you choose to make them out of cardboard.

The same procedure needs to be followed for either of the designs. The only difference is, if you are making the lid square macaron box, your template might have more than one segment and patterns, and you might need some hard and thick cardboard with some decorative lamination papers.

For Bulk Units

Bulk Orders.jpg

Considering you a business that needs its own custom macaron packaging for unconfined purposes. You would need them to be manufactured in large quantities. For this purpose, all you got to do is finalize the design and approach the adequate vendor. There are several online and physical options to resort to.

The offline and physical vendors will let you have the opportunity to personally visit them and monitor the live manufacturing of your boxes. While the online manufacturers shall allow you the option to make a purchase at the ease of your home with a few clicks on your screen coupled with a few e-mails.

They shall also allow you to compare live prices against your specification and acquire online quotations. They can just deliver the finished custom macaron box order right at your doorstep.

Either you are an individual or a business trying to get your macaron packaging boxes, they are easier than you think all you got to do is follow the guidelines and you can, most certainly, acquire them or make them as a fancy handicraft, without any problem.

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